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  SCHOFIELDS FLYING CLUB LIMITED     LOCATION: 60 Birch Street, Bankstown Airport
POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 200, Georges Hall, NSW 2198 AUSTRALIA
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Original Schofields Flying Club Home Page

The website you have arrived at has served us well for many years, however the time has come for us to move to a new, modern, feature packed system specifically designed to serve the needs of the Club well into the future.

has been chosen to represent where we have come from, where we are now and what we do best.

SFC is - SCHOFIELDS FLYING CLUB LIMITED the legal entity with heritage
SYDNEY FLIGHT COLLEGE our flight training arm
SYDNEY FLYING CLUB fly for fun with your PPL
SYDNEY FLIGHT CHARTER for those who need to go places by air

Integrated into our new site is a new up market, online booking sheet that has been designed and constructed to a specification that will have you wondering why somebody hasnít done it before. The booking sheet is only accessible by SFC members who have registered for access.

If you are a SFC Member and not yet registered please go to and hover your mouse over Members Area and click Register.

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